Inhale my toxic sissy vapor. Let is consume you. You no longer have a butthole, that is your pussy now. Your dick, that is your clit now. All your male features are now feminine slutty features. Enhance them, lay on your back feet up in the air, legs spread. Jerk and tweek your nipples, keep jerking. Now my sissies eat their cum, use their cum as lotion and use their cum as an at home douche. These are simple tasks a naughty siss like you should be able to handle. Now give me everything you got!

3 Ways Sissies Use Cum
You've been dressing up in women's attire in secret, yearning to be a real girl. It turns out that I, a snarky Goddess, heard your prayers and I show up to grant your wish. Do exactly as I say and I'll make you the girl you've always wanted to be.

Sissy Transformation CEI: Becoming a Real Girl
"Please dadd-y, I need your cum so bad. Please cover My whore sissy mouth in cum so I can taste it"

We're going to train your hole open and make you swallow sooo much cum... starting with yours.

Sissy Cocklover Fag CEI Slut
Look at you eating all that cum like a good sissy slut.

Misogynistic Husband Mesmerized Into Sissy Slut
Stick out your tongue. Good girls always clean up their messes..

I have high expectations for my sissies and I will demand a lot out of you.

Bring Your Sissy To Work Day
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