You are my little fuck bitch and now do exactly as I say, at the end there is a really nice treat for you if you impress me...

My Little Fuck Boy
Taste their disdain for you? Taste their utter disregard? That’s what cum tastes like.

Total ASSimilation II
I'm here to train you. I know you want to be the best, most feminized little sissy that you can be. You want your ass to be skilled in the art of taking and pleasing big dick, don't you? Good little slut.

Anal Training and Sissy Feminization with Poppers
Hi loser, do you want to stroke to me in this hot shiny outfit I’ve got on today? Do you wanna rub that nub? I’ll let you but you have to admit that crossdressing gets you so fucking hard. I know you love seeing girls dressed up in sexy lingerie and dresses like I’ve got on right now.

Admit it, Crossdressing Makes You Cum Harder Than Anything Else
You're just a sissy baby virgin with a 3 inch clitty. Every girl you get home laughs at your tiny shaved babydick, and if she doesn't, you spurt as soon as she touches it.

Frilly Sissy Humiliation
This was a custom video here is the script I followed..Can you do a clip where you make me wear panties while worshiping your ass in a sexy pair of leggings and then panties. Make me beg for you to take off the leggings to see the sexy panties and more of your ass. It's up to you whether you take off the leggings or not.. Also, Make me jerk off in humiliating ways and make me beg to be allowed to cum. Ill let you decide whether I can cum or not. Your ass owns me.

If You Cum You Must Eat It
my idea is that I'm a sissy and your going to take me out to the club to find some cock. You tell me to get dressed up in some slutty lingerie, slutty dress, thigh highs and heals. After I'm all dressed you tell me how slutty i look and tell me how we are going to grind our asses on guys to get them hard and find the biggest cocks. You see that I'm getting hard and tell me we cant have that at the club so you have me jerk off while sucking a dildo.

Taking Sissy Out
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