I know you LOVE stroking your dick but I was hoping we could do something different today.

Don’t you know that once I have a picture of you eating cum like a sissy, I can really fuck you over, right?

Sissy Condom Drinker
Be prepared to sexualize she-dick and lust for cum.

Ultimate Sissification

Added: 9/15/18
Please decide if you allow me a ruined or a pleasurable orgasm and if I need to eat my cum up afterwards.

Everyone knows that I love to train males, and one thing that I like a lot is to include everyday objects in their training as triggers that will make them constantly think of Me.

The banana trigger
But you have to play by my rules Theres just one thing you have to do first and I think you know what it is, LOL.

Will You Kiss A Dick for Me

Added: 9/5/18
You will have to watch to see what I tell you to do after. Then I will give you a count down and then demand you to eat all your cum.

JOI Ass Play with CEI
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