.. you will however be leaving the stage with a belly full of protein, hahahaha...

Belly Full Of Protein
You want a girl that can really turn you into a cock sucker!

Im Your Gateway To Dicks
Your private predilections did give me an idea on how you can start earning your keep around here.

Pimping My Sissy Son To Earn His Keep
I am going to get you loaded up again and make you lick and suck your cum cubes in humiliation before My divine feet.

Locked and Loaded 4
Oh and don't complain about the outfits he makes you wear or licking his tires clean when he gets home every day.

Pimped Out And Forgotten
Your wife is soon shuddering with pleasure and her TS pleasurestick is growing in her hand. She likes the taste of her precum, and now begs you to use her holes WHILE she strokes her hard dick.

Bride in a Box - Mail Order Tranny
In the end you instruct me to shoot my load into my face and eat it.

Sissy Tom
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