Everyone knows that I love to train males, and one thing that I like a lot is to include everyday objects in their training as triggers that will make them constantly think of Me.

The banana trigger
But you have to play by my rules Theres just one thing you have to do first and I think you know what it is, LOL.

Will You Kiss A Dick for Me

Added: 9/5/18
You will have to watch to see what I tell you to do after. Then I will give you a count down and then demand you to eat all your cum.

JOI Ass Play with CEI
There you are, kneeling before Me, playing with all that sticky cum in your mouth. you really are My sissy bimbo bitch!

Eat cum for My feet
… down to wearing pretty girl panties, even a diaper, accepting the humiliation that matches the merits of your small dick, enjoying your softer voice and feminine figure, and drinking down another man’s cum as your meant to… right out of a baby bottle!

Lavishing the Effects of Your Sissy Supplements
I'm more of a man then you sissy faggot, now it's time to prove it so down on your knees and suck my strap-on!

Strap-on Sucking Panty Wearing Bitch
How pathetic you are. Your weakness makes me want to strip you of your masculinity completely.

Russian Goddess Vika Degrades You as Her Cum-Swallowing Sissy

Added: 5/15/18
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