No one understands how badly you NEED cum.

Sissy Cum Dump
Go put on your sissy gear, I want to be impressed. Use make up and lingerie, I want you to be more feminine for me. Follow me and my hands as I describe what I want you to do to you body. I want you to use it the way I would. I want you horny and completely infatuated with your goddess. Tonight you will be my slut and take the true sissy test. Legs over head and capture every drop of cum in your mouth.

A True Sissy Eats Cum
You pride yourself on being a very pretty sissy, don't you? You love putting on tons of makeup and dressing up in the sluttiest outfits. And then strutting around like a bimbo in some big high heels. You'll do whatever it takes to be the hottest, sluttiest sissy you can be. And while you do a fairly good job, there is always room for improvement. You see sissy, there's one very important component to being the sexiest sissy that you are missing. You thought you had it all figured out, didn't you? You silly little slut. LOL!

Each Load Of Cum On Your Face Makes You Prettier And Dumber, Sissy
Your Mistress has changed you in the last few month. You started off as a curious straight guy, who only wanted to be humiliated a little. But session by session, your Mistress gave you more and more deranged tasks, she degraded you and turned you into a pathetic creature, who can only jerk while he is humiliated by a beautiful Mistress.

You will eat your sperm today,and I'll whore you out, beta.Femdom JOI,CEI
I know what you are, it's so easy to see. You're a little slut. Not just that, you're a cock loving cumslut. Look at you in that little skirt, it's far too tempting for me and my cock. But you need some work, since you don't wanna admit what you are. I paint your lips with some pretty pink lip gloss, perfect for a lil sissy princess like you.

You're Gonna Be My Little Slut
So Ive naturally started seeing your boss and turned you into our cuckold. You come home from work late into the night and find both me and your boss fucking hard in the living room. We turn giggle and then begin to bash you for being so pathetic, and asking if you finished all the work you were given including the chores I listed I needed done.

Cum Guzzling Cuckold!
Inhale my toxic sissy vapor. Let is consume you. You no longer have a butthole, that is your pussy now. Your dick, that is your clit now. All your male features are now feminine slutty features. Enhance them, lay on your back feet up in the air, legs spread. Jerk and tweek your nipples, keep jerking. Now my sissies eat their cum, use their cum as lotion and use their cum as an at home douche. These are simple tasks a naughty siss like you should be able to handle. Now give me everything you got!

3 Ways Sissies Use Cum
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