Take it or leave it--if you decide you can't bear to cum like I command, you won't EVER cum again!

Tiny Dicks Can Only Cum Like This
There it goes...little tears of cum in your hand. Now do what she says. Lick it up, all of it. Do it!

Small Dick Therapy
You seem to think that serving me is all about your pleasure, your cock, your fantasies. Wrong! Serving me is about doing whatever I choose and being grateful for it. You thought I'd give you a reward today of getting to masturbate, but I have different kind of reward.

My Boyfriend’s Cum
You stuck with me, you really are addicted to the taste of your own cum, aren't you?

Hotel CEI Games Part 2
While you are away on a business trip I send you a sneaky video and also packed a little "care package" in your suitcase.

Hotel CEI Games Part 1 - The Rules & Set Up