But being the penny-pinching, broke little bitch that you are, you decide to take the degrading cum slurping route.

I Win - Every Time
Today is going to be some fun.... this bikini, you stroking your dick to my instruction and then at the end... well you'll just have to wait and see.

Left Homewrecked with a Facial
Now I have a treat for you! You're going to suck his cum out of My panties and clean up My pussy while stroking your lesser man dicklet!

Suck My Cum Stained Panties
I could ruin your orgasm, make you eat your cum or maybe not even touch your dick at all.

JOI Slut

Added: 11/2/19
What will lady luck have in store for you - will you ruin your own orgasm or eat up all your cum?

Roll the Dice
Now that I have you by the balls you're never going to cum again without eating it.

Blackmailed into CEI
She makes you lick up your own cum when you’re done.

Bella Rossi smothers you with her voluptuous ass
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