You should know by now that all good boys clean up their messes

Fake Pussy Humiliation
So far you've resisted by efforts to get you to eat your cum. I been mean. I've been sweet. I've been cruel. I've been seductive. However, you just can't quite seem to push yourself for me. It's time to initiate plan B.

Shots And A Cum Shot
My innocent appearance and my sense of humor might actually fool you into thinking that I'm a nice person.

Special Recipe
A game where I flip the coin.Which will it be today?

Mesmerized into Cum Eating
...revealing outfits before finally making you eat your cum.

Desperate For It CEI
You will eat your cum for me...

Cum For Me & Eat Your Cum

Added: 3/15/19
.. I also want you to eat your own cum today.

Extreme Edging & CEI
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