Its time to relapse-fantasy into your addiction to me, you now your life is miserable without me , you need me, you crave me. You crave to become again a jerking drone for me. Following my jerk off instructions as you get tease with my perfect body, agonizing and edging waiting for my cum countdown . When you cum you will become again mine forever.

MoneygoddesssCC - Return to the Cult
I want a man between my legs. A man's face, specifically.
I have to warn you, I'm not easy to please, but if you're hard working and committed, you might be able to unlock the secrets of making me cum harder than anyone's ever made me cum.

Pussy Hungry Slave
Princess Miki! Her first new clip in months exclusively on Humiliation POV! We know how badly you've been waiting for her return, and this clip will blow your mind! It is filled with whisper tracks, visual effects, and subliminal triggers that will melt your brain.

Braingasm - I'm Milking Your Cock Through Your Mind
I want you to jerk it for Me today. Yeah, I know how much you love to jack off for Me. But I want you to make sure you're jerking HARD and FAST. Do you understand? Good. Follow along like a good boy and see where this clip will take you...

Princess Lexie - Hard and Fast JOI
Three rules.
First, no cumming. Second, pump slowly. Third, when you see pixels, jerk as hard as you can.
I'm banning you from having sex and watching regular porn. Giving up pussy is an essential part in embracing your role as a slave.

Pixels And Latex
Teasing and tormenting you, making you jack off for me and eat that spunk.

Edging Cum Eating Instructions
So, you wanted to date the "bad girl" in school. I'm not like those other girls. There's no way I'll be submissive to you.
If anything, I make you My bitch. I get My way through manipulation. I fuck your world up and get what I want. I'm a spoiled brat and you treat Me like a fucking Princess. Oh, you wish you could spank this soft little white ass.

Mean Schoolgirl Makes You Her Bitch CEI
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