You'll cum for me with a mouthful of your own shi+ and then eat your fucking pathetic spunk too.

 Eat Your Own Shit
Time to get naked now. Point that cock right at your face, stick your tongue out, and get ready for a delicious .

Piss Guzzling
You are a weak submissive little slave for me to use. For my man to use. For us to make you clean up our cum.

Cuckie Bitch

Added: 3/19/20
I've got many, many obscene tasks awaiting you... for your immense humiliation, for your complete breakdown to the most basic, primal, dirty that you are.

Your Most Humiliating Cum Eating Instruction EVER
There are 15 tasks in all - and an EXTRA humiliating surprise ending.

Entranced And Punished For Breaking My Rules
I give you the privilege of being my bathroom slave and you can't even keep my toilet bowl spotless?

Princess Becky Punishes Her Bathroom Slave with a Mouthful Full of Cum

Added: 1/22/19
A half hour of toilet tasks, each one more disgusting than the last.

Even Filthier Toilet Assignment
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