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Oh, yes! You’re my big goo gobbler who loves the taste of his own hot cum.

Guiding You through Extreme Self-Play and Cum Guzzling
You’re going to be so hot for it… lying there, jerking your cock, drawing yourself up so close to your own mouth.

Suck It, Savor It, Swallow It All Down
There’s just one thing a man can do that drives us absolutely WILD. You and I could do it together tonight if you like.

Erotically Easing You into Your First-Time Cum Eating Experience
Now, you know our agreement. You promised me you’d have several loads of your own cum saved up… at least five.

Youve Saved It up for Me; Now Im Going to Treat You to a Humiliating Cum Guzzling Session
It’s simple really. You have a deep desire to eat your own cum… to at least try it for me.

Youre Guaranteed to Come Right into Your Mouth
Oh, you dirty boy. Did you bring me what I asked for? You’re going to need a piece of string and a condom full of your own cum for me this time. You keep coming back for more!

Schoolgirl Lures You to Eat Your Cum for Her Amusement
… down to wearing pretty girl panties, even a diaper, accepting the humiliation that matches the merits of your small dick, enjoying your softer voice and feminine figure, and drinking down another man’s cum as your meant to… right out of a baby bottle!

Lavishing the Effects of Your Sissy Supplements
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