It's that time of the year when all the yummy seasonal drinks are back in store. I got you a little gift to celebrate the season, but it comes at a cost. I know you will finish every last drop of this drink, especially with the special secret ingredient; your cum!

SoullessSugar - Pumpkin Cum Latte
I want you to fully understand how inadequate your dicklet is. I want you to feel what a disappointment it is, how very underwhelming it is.

Eva de Vil - Fucked With Your Own Shrimp
There's no point in lying to you anymore. Let's be honest here, I don't really have to manipulate you to do this, you're ever so willing! I want you to think of that salty taste with every stroke of your cock. It's only a matter of time before you'll feel that warm embrace of your loser spunk splatter on your face.

Goddess Lindsey - Splatter It CEI
No sex lately? How sad for you. It’s actually so humiliating for you my little virgin. To all my little virgins it's time to redirect your shameful self to me. To my control of your virginity, your silly hand coddling your worthless and untouched dick as you jerk off to me, and controlling your fantasies. Worship me as I humiliate you with my soaking wet pussy little virgin boy. You make my humiliation look so easy and sexy. Now my little virgin, start satisfying me.

Domina Elara - Beta Virgin Humiliation
The orgasm is not the focal point for you..it is just the precursor to true euphoria. Begging to swallow is more important than your strokes. Earning the taste of your orgasm is all that matters to you. This will never end.

Goddess Lindsey - Cum Puppy
Your step-mom is sick of washing your crusty cum filled socks, towels, etc so if you wanna masturbate and dumb loads while under her roof your gonna have to eat your mess.

LilRedVelvet - Step-Mommy CEI Punishment
Autofacial CEI For A Weak Loser

Dani Picas - Autofacial CEI For A Weak Loser
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