Be prepared and follow every last instruction.

Cum Craving Anal Addict
Its time to play a humiliation game.

Dollar A Spin

Added: 4/18/18
Such a pathetic loser!! So useless, and such a coward. You won't even eat your own cum. Don't worry, that's going to change.

Bratty CEI
Get ready for dessert, freak!

Thanksgiving CEI.. Forget the Turkey!
Most of you swear you'll never eat cum. You'd never want chunky bits of your own spunk in your mouth. But after this video, you'll wonder how you ever resisted.

Reprogrammed to Eat Cum
You’re not going to be allowed to jerk off AND cum without eating it. No, you are going to be my good cum slut today and jerk off to my hot body before blowing your load.

Losers ALWAYS Eat their Cum
Virgin Loser For Life. That's all you are, that's all you ever will be. No sex, no girlfriend. I'm your only chance of female "connection."

Losers Only Hope
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