I know you get rock hard just thinking about how much of a loser you are! Stroke your loser dick and edge for Me while I constantly remind you how worthless and pathetic you are. If you were a Real Man, you wouldn't have to jerk off like this, but you and I both know no woman will ever want you. So you might as well get used to your sexless loser lifestyle!

JOI + Cum Denial for Sexless Losers
It's time for your next Therapy-Fantasy appointment. In our last session, you told Me that you're insecure about your tiny dick. So I decided to take a more practical approach for this appoint. As we begin today's session it surprises you to see My pull out a pocket pussy. I hand it to you and ask you to fuck it for Me. I'm hoping it will get you aroused enough for Me to see your true size, and maybe get an idea of how experienced you are in bed.

Pussy Free Therapy-Fantasy SPH
Why were you waiting up for me? I told you I was going to be home late from work. Were you just being a dutiful husband? Or were you hoping to hear all the details about what happened tonight. Because I'm sure you've already guessed, but it wasn't just any old work project that kept me at work late tonight. Remember my boss? That tall, handsome, well built alpha man? Well, he's been the latest in the string of alphas I've let fuck me.

Licking Alpha Cum Out Of Your Wifes Pussy
I know all about your disgusting masturbating to my clips. If you want to masturbate for me and watch me tease you then you have to agree to a few things. First, you are not only going to cum on your face at the end but, you are also going to keep your eyes wide open so the jizz gets all in them.

Losers Eat Cum for Goddess
It's no secret that I see your penis as completely WORTHLESS. If it were up to me I would sterilize most of you by beating your balls so much you could never reproduce. I want you to have a few things out before starting the clip : a spatula or wooden spoon, a tight rubber band or hair tie and a nice clenched hand ready to punch.

Cruel Cock Punishment and CEI
Listen, I dont want to be your girlfriend anymore. Your micro-penis is unsatisfying and it mortifies me. You have probably noticed I have been hitting the club a lot lately because there are soooo many hot men, with gorgeous bodies and most importantly, HUGE cocks.

CUCKOLD: Boyfriend Turned Cucky Cum Eater
You can't stop jerking off to Me. And you're also an eager to please bitch. So tonight I'm taking advantage of both of those things. Making you graduate from being My bitch to My cumslut. You're not only going to eat your cum for Me, you're going to fucking like it. And you're going to endure every humiliating name and insult that I throw your way just to do it in My presence.

My New Cumslut
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