Better yet why don’t you say all of that while your mouth is full of his condoms.

Drink His Cumloads Cucky
...if I let you cum today you're going to spray that slave slime all over your face!

Cum All Over your Face
Mommy wants to play a drinkie game...

Mommy makes you Drink
I'm so annoyed at the mess you've made, so I make you lick it all up as punishment.

Tricked and Humiliated CEI
You're going to fuck your own face and swallow your cum, exactly the way I instruct you to...

Jizz Your Face for Princess Becky with Your Mouth Wide Open

Added: 3/15/19
Well if you want to cum it's going to cost your dignity and your ego.

Spout A Loser Fountain On Your Face

Added: 3/12/19
I want you to be HUNGRY for it, I want you to show me that you can slurp that cum.

Progressive CEI Training 4 - Lap It Up

Added: 2/18/19
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