You can only cum when I so and you have to lick it clean!

CEI for sissies
I want you to eat your cum. That’s right, do it!

Bratty Step-Sister Makes You Eat Your Cum
I got laid last night, and I kept the condom full of alpha seed, just for you. I

Condom Cum Eater

Added: 1/5/20
Firstly, you can suck the outside of the condom, to taste my sweet pussy, and then, you can slurp up my real-man's cum.

Cucky Clean Up
Tell me that's why I am going to get a messy fucking gay facial at the end

Cocksucker for My Ass
Look at you. You've developed a cum eating obsession, haven't you, you little wanker?

Compulsive Cum Slurper
I'll even feed you some! it's such a privilege to suck your cum off of My fingers.

Loser's Meal
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