» » You Drink Your Own Cum

You Drink Your Own Cum

EEWWWW you are fucking gross...I can't believe that you drink your own cum! It's hot when a chick licks up a mans cum but not when you drink your own fucking cum! Well since you liek being so dirty all the time I decided to make this clip for you. This is a verbal domination & humiliation video. Your gonna take your fucking pants off and start jacking off for me. I have a glass that I need you to fill up! Just listen to what I say and do as a I say and I won't tell your whole damn neighborhood how dirty you are. Every bit of pre cum is to be licked up as well. I need this glass filled so you better jerk a big load for me today cause at the end I am going to make you drink all of it and rub it all over your lips dirty boy!

You Drink Your Own Cum
You Drink Your Own Cum



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