It's game time again! Do you think you can focus? During this game, the objective is to accurately count the cocks while stroking. You're going to have to pay attention. There are so many distractions. You're working so hard. If you haven't counted the cocks correctly, it must mean you need hydration!

Queen Elastica - Count the Cocks Precum CEI Game
Some of you are veteran cum eaters and are so delighted at this chance to please Me.. . and if its your first time this is a very important lesson you need to learn : that men are at their core truly disgusting.

Lucy Spanks - Cum Eating Beta Lesson
you know what I'm really fucking sick of? I'm sick of all these half-ass sissies. True sissies have their useless clit-dicks locked up 24/7, and don't pussy out every time they're faced with the opportunity to have their holes filled by real cocks. So, today, I'm going to train you toward actually becoming a real sissy... via this video...

Janira Wolfe - Focus on his Pleasure, Not yours
Before your start this clip, I want you to edge for at least 1 day or up to 1 week. I want you to build up a huge load! Then don’t eat for 8 hours. Are you ready? Sit down in front of me pet. Today I will guide you through eating your own cum.

Goddess Farrah - Learning to LOVE Eating Cum! CEI
These tiny little pink shorts are perfect for this... I want you stroking the entire time until I tell you exactly when you will cum. Once you've cum I expect you to clean up every last drop.

Goddess Amanda - Eat Your Cum for My Bubble Butt
You are nothing but a bottom feeding beta bitch, you're worthless and you are at the bottom of the sexual food chain. You'll never get a hot girl like me. I was going to wear some sexy lingerie, but that's only for Alphas, not you! Should I strip for my beta? No I don't think I will, Betas like you don't deserve it. Wank your cock beta bitch! I'll tell you when to come too.

Tattooed Temptress - Cucking my Beta Bitch
Let's be honest. You secretly love being told to eat your cum. You pretend you don't, but you do. You obviously can't stop watching my CEI videos where I instruct you to slurp it down. In fact, you pay for them! LOL! You pay me to tell you to eat it. So come on, be honest, you love it when I tell you to jerk your dick, to cream into your palm or directly into your mouth. Because if you just did it on your own, you'd be too embarrassed, too shy. But when someone tells you to do it, or commands you to do it, like I do, you do it. It's what you secretly wanted.

Princess Ellie Idol - You Love Paying For CEI Videos, Your Purchase History Doesn't Lie
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