And you even have permission to spill your filth, just as long as you lick it up looser.

Marsha May's Big Black Cock
Oh and don't worry about the mess. I have a good solution for that!

How Flexible are You?
I allow you a dirty little treat

Treat Me, then Treat Yourself CEI
The longer you goon, the more cum you will have to eat at the end.

The Longer You Goon, The More Cum You Will Have To Eat
letting you know just how badly she wants to trade loads when you both come.

You're Casey's Little Bitch Now
Lap it up. Slurp it up. I want every surface of your mouth covered with it. It's a sticky runny mess, isn't it?

Lap It Up - Subliminal CEI Mindfuck

Added: 9/20/20
order you to abuse your groin and then finally eat your own steamy load.

Lonely Virgin Reject
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