Cum Eating Instructions - CEI

Mia Jocelyn - Cum Eating Instructions - CEI
I'm your weakness, you both love and hate that about me. You just can't resist me. No matter how hard you try, you always find yourself with your pathetic cock in your hand, jerking to my perfection. It's ridiculous really, how much you love me and it hurts you to know that I'm so fucking out of your league yet it makes you so hard. But it's your lucky day, today.

Goddess NolitaColi - Teased Into Humiliation
control your orgasm its so easy for Me, when u got your boner, u lose your will and simply fallowing my rules... simply fallow My commend 1u cant resist , cant say now, such weak sub , such good slave for My Beauty,My Cruel beauty destroy your life and open door in something new in something impressive... the only one world what u truly Love, then world of pleasure and satisfaction where u can just be your jerkholick self....... stroke... harder , admit your brain stops working when i Am around..

your orgasm is Mine & CEI JOI tease
It's been weeks since you've been allowed to cum and you would do absolutely anything to stroke. Seeing My feet sends you to your knees in a helpless desire to do anything for those soles, no matter what they command. you'll lick them up happily, thank Me with adoration in your eyes, and get back on your knees to start stroking away. But don't get too excited - you haven't forgotten what comes after cumming, right? There is no service without sacrifice, after all...

Miss Maddy - Eat Your Cum For My Feet
Today is your second session with your Mistress, you do not know what to expect, but you certainly do not expect what will happen.Mistress Zabava wants to break your will from the beginning, and she will humiliate you so much, that you will never be able to look at girls again. She is going to make you wash her panties in your mouth, eat her cum, smell her pussy and ass and clean her up after she goes to the washroom.

Hard lesson for beginner faggot slave - JOI, CEI
I know you have been so bored with social distancing..And its been a long while since you have seen a hot girl..never-mind one that looks like me right? THERE IS NO WOMAN ON EARTH more perfect then me. More powerful then me..

Re-Programmed by My Perfection
Your wife has been cuckolding you for quite some time now and she’s quite impressed with how well you’ve taken to it despite your beginning hesitations. She has decided it’s time to promote you and allow you to taste her again. Oh no, don’t get ahead of yourself she’s not allowing you in between her legs like that ever again.

Dinner for One: Cuck CEI+Panty Cleaning
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