At first you didn't know if you would ever actually commit. But all it took was one time, and now you're being trained to be the most obedient and eager cum eating slut. I dictate how you sit, how you cum, when you cum, and obviously, how you eat it. Where would you be without My divine direction?

Versona - CEI Slave
Here cuckie cuckie cuckie, Goddess has a yummy treat for you! Clean up my Alpha Husband's load out of my pussy!! That's right, don't miss a drop of what a REAL man produces.

MsNadiaWhite - Cuckboy Clean Up Crew
It's that time of the year when all the yummy seasonal drinks are back in store. I got you a little gift to celebrate the season, but it comes at a cost. I know you will finish every last drop of this drink, especially with the special secret ingredient; your cum!

SoullessSugar - Pumpkin Cum Latte
The hottest, most dominant CEI clip I've ever made. I'm taking total control and using my powerful beauty to turn you into a permanent cum eating bitch for me.

Princess Violette - Total Control CEI
Mrs Mischief takes you on another filthy cuckold fantasy pov. Best dirty talk EVER!

Mrs Mischief - His Loads Left For You
You think you're so naughty, but you're honestly pretty vanilla. You dream of being kinky and the first thing that comes to mind, the one that really gets you going, has always been eating your own load.

Miss Vixen - The Cum Eating Type
You're going to do something really hot for me and be a good little slut and jerk off to me until I give you the cum countdown.

Miss Luscious - Bikini Babe CEI
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