» » Guess What Color part 2

Guess What Color part 2

Request:Basically, i thought of an second part of your panty colour-guessing cum eating game "Guess what Color", plus a striptease.
So if i guessed wrong i have to shoot my load into my mouth and hold it there until your striptease is over and you allow me to swallow, and if i guessed right (pls make it a difficult colour like last time) i get to enjoy the striptease, maybe? While you tease me please be as bratty and bitchy as you can. I love you for that :-)Tell me you always win, and you always get boys like me to eat their own cum, and so on...You can decide how long the clip should be and you can decide what sexy clothing to wear. Love you !

Guess What Color part 2
Guess What Color part 2

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