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Cum Eating Seduction

Go ahead… start touching yourself. Just seeing Me in this dress makes you so hard. I know you think about dirty things when you masturbate… even the idea of SWALLOWING your own jizz. I mean, why else would you buy this clip? now you just need the motivation to follow-thru with your plan. you need My hot body and seductive attitude to help convince you to open that mouth up wide and drink down your own load. you've been fantasizing about it for so long, haven't you? Well here I am, and now is the time. You're going to do exactly what you've always wanted. It's been a long time coming and I know you want it so, so badly! In fact, I bet even when you're watching vanilla porn you open your mouth at the cum shot scene imagine it's your mouth that is getting filled up with that nice big load. Be ready to flip on your back up against a wall, legs above your head and OPEN WIDE! It's time for a homemade creamy dessert - your own CUM!!

Cum Eating Seduction
Cum Eating Seduction


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