» » Cum Eating Guessing Game

Cum Eating Guessing Game

Hello little cum eaters! I want to play a little game. It goes like this...I have a pair of black panties or white panties on. You have to guess! If you guess wrong...you HAVE to eat up all your cum. I tease you in my hot wet look leggings and top, so sexy and shiny. All the while you are stroking and wondering what color my panties are! Harder and harder you get while I order you to stroke faster and faster.
Beg for a little hint..just to try and get out of your cum eating punishment. I keep taunting you, wondering if you'll figure it out. JErk it nice and hard, get it so close. You have to be ready to eat all your cum just in case you get it wrong.Once I get close to the end, I make you give me your final descision. No going back now! What'll it be?
Guess the color of my panties wrong and you have eat your own jizz!
This clip includes: female domination, tease and denial, verbal humiliation, masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction, femdom POV, and a cum countdown

Cum Eating Guessing Game
Cum Eating Guessing Game


Tags: Miss Kelle Martina, cum eating instructions

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