» » Turning My Neighbor Into A Cum Addict

Turning My Neighbor Into A Cum Addict

You agree that we should carpool to work since we live on the same street and work in the same office. You patiently wait as I adjust my high heels before we leave. Ive been hearing a rumor around the office that people claim you started. I bring it to your attention. Theres a raunchy little story behind the thing that youve noticed about me. I decide to tell you my secret, all the while teasing you with peeks under my skirt and showing you my sexy nude pantyhose. I can immediately see your cock grow hard through your pants as I tell you my secret. I knew at that point it would be sooo easy to turn you into my little cum loving cuckold. Every 9-5 workday you have to get your fix that only I can provide.
Fetishes: Cuckolding, Pantyhose Fetish, CEI, Cum Eating, Pantyhose Domination, Cock Tease, Femdom POV, Femdom, Female Domination, Findom, Financial Domination, Homewrecker

Turning My Neighbor Into A Cum Addict
Turning My Neighbor Into A Cum Addict

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Tags: Goddess Christina, cum eating instructions, cum eating cuckold

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