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Cum Eating JOI from Roomies

You found an ad on craigslist of two girls looking for a room-mate to share the expenses of living in a very nice apartment. You meet the girls and they are both very nice and super hott! All three of you decide that even though you are a guy, you would make a good room-mate (it will be nice to have a man around for things.) When you show up to move in, they have a few rules since you will be living in their apartment. The main rule is no jacking off unless you let them know you are going to do it. They don't want it on the carpet or the bed sheets or anything. They show you a shot glass that you are allowed to cum in, but they have to supervise to make sure you don't miss the glass. The girls tell you to practice while they watch! You are super nervous but go for it and you fill up the shot glass with your hot man milk perfectly while they watch with amazement. Not knowing what to do with a shot glass full of cum they tell you, if you want to live here.... you have to drink it! You have no choice because you already gave up your other living arrangements so ...... yeah, you drink it all up like a good boy. You are going to have to get used to this I guess!

Cum Eating JOI from Roomies
Cum Eating JOI from Roomies


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