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A CEI clip, Dani sitting in just Pantyhose, teasing you as you sit there in your pantyhose of your own.

Eat Cum From These Pantyhose
Good, prove it to me by stroking out two loads straight into a shot glass. Now down the hatch!

Heel Dangle CEI
I recently bought you a dress from Amazon. I would love a cum eating instruction from you with a lot of teasing wearing the dress.

CEI Custom Clip
You love to jerk for Me, don't you little jerk off addict? you love to stroke that dick exactly how I tell you to.

Drink your own Nut
I want you to eat your cum for me today. I want you to pump out a big, wet load and swallow it down. It's so sexy eating your own cum for your Princess Rene.

Princess Rene's Sensual CEI
You're gonna seal the deal by drinking the cum from his condom.

Sadistic Ashley Flips You from Her Wimp Boyfriend to Sissy Cuck
It must have been so challenging for you my little cuckold, hearing me in the next room fucking that bull.

You’re A Cum Guzzling Cuckold