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Goddess Paige Orion - Cum Play With Me

You pets know how much I love to play games - teasing and tormenting you sluts is one of My favorite past times. So here is a game made especially for My bitchboys, those of you who have been training so hard to suck cock and savor the taste of cum. The latter can be difficult, learning to love the taste and the texture of hot cum on your tongue. This game will help. You're going to take a pre-made cum ice cube and let it melt. And you're going to keep it in your mouth for an entire ten minutes. When I tell you to gargle, you'll gargle. When I saw swish, you'll swish. You'll follow each of My instructions in this cum play game - but if you swallow before your time is up, if you spill it or spit it out, there will be consequences. Are you ready to come play with Me?
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Goddess Paige Orion - Cum Play With Me
Goddess Paige Orion - Cum Play With Me



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