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Swallow Your Pride, Fag
Hi little chicken. I know you are too scared to eat cum but I'm gonna make you do it for you.

Slurp It Off Your Face
What's this I hear? You've been jerking off to my instructions and you HAVEN'T BEEN EATING YOUR CUM?

2 Ruined Cumshots In Your Mouth
You want a girl that can really turn you into a cock sucker!

Im Your Gateway To Dicks
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Cum covered titties, yours. So you Wanna Serve - Season 1 Episode 10
I've always had a knack for picking out which guys are closet fags, who spend their days secretly fantasising about sucking cock and swallowing cum. Don't lie to me. Your guilty obsession is obvious to everyone.

First Time Faggot Training - Self Facial Finish

Added: 8/14/18
You want to shoot it straight toward your face, because I say you want to.

Entertain Me, Cum Slut

Added: 9/9/19
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