Yes, I'm serious. You're going to jerk that little guy and then you're going to eat your cum. Don't...just shut up and do it.

I've Never Seen Anybody Beg Before
You're about to do something disgusting for Me.

Eat Your Cum for Me
I let you cum on my feet, but first you have to eat the cum from my male friend.

Cuck foot worship
Make sure you follow all the rules! FUCKING PERVERT.

Indecent exposure
a better way than to spending your Quarantine, being humiliated by a young, hot, British Brat?

The Ultimate Virgin Loser Humiliation
Well, did you like when the governor wiped up your beta seed off the floor with her red latex glove and made you eat it?

Public Plugging Predicament
I describe the feeling as you cum into your own mouth and feel your body pulsating from the position you have to stay in to suck like this.

Self Suck CEI Humiliation
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