. I'm going to give you very specific instructions on how to humiliate yourself for me...

My Twisted Plot To Break Your Spirit
But being the penny-pinching, broke little bitch that you are, you decide to take the degrading cum slurping route.

I Win - Every Time
I want you to eat your cum for me.

Cum in Your Mouth for Carlie Chibi
You're going to jerk it exactly how I say and then...you're going to drink your cum.

Bossy JOI and CEI
Jerk off. You won't be able to wait for your next sissy bitch cum eating..

Sissy Bitch Cum Eater
But I have a special surprise for guys like you with small cocks - you're going to eat your cum for me.

Disappointing Your Crush
I’m always so confused as to why men have an issue with eating cum.

Cum Eating Equality

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