You're so lucky to be in my presence rubbing your filthy cock.

Premature Ejaculation Humiliation

Added: 1/4/19
You're in for a special surprise where I want you to come this time.

Cum Eating Instruction
If you really want release you need to become the ultimate loser and eat your own jizz for me.

Homewrecker: HUBBY Turned LOSER!

Added: 12/13/18
You’re a man with your balls full of cum but your cock is below average and you are a wimp that needs humiliation and rejection to cum, haha!

Natures Cruel Joke
Will I let you cum? Or will I ruin it? Will I make you eat it in some fun way?

Maybe, Maybe Not Part 2
I know you LOVE stroking your dick but I was hoping we could do something different today.

She squirts some more cum into her hand and licks it up.

Bust Your Nut in My Mouth

Added: 1/31/19
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