Ah, mais tu pensais que tu allais simplement l├ęcher ton foutre dans ta main ? Haha, qu'elle est mignonne la pupute !

Bouffe ton sperme

Added: 4/5/19
Ohh you're back for more, you little cum licker? I knew you'd be back..

Lick Every Drop
I know you want that ooy-gooey warm cum slathered all over that face of yours. You can practically feel it covering your pathetic face already.

Gooey Bukkake
Do you remember what I did to you back in school...

How Missy Destroyed Your Confidence with Girls Forever
Dirty talking encouragement and jerk off instructions. Oh yeah, and that important little set of instructions at the end; eat it, now, and like this.

Distracting CEI
How much do you want to take your hand and grab the warm flesh of my delicious ass? Enough to eat your cum for it?

Cum Quick for My Ass and Eat It
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