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To start, once you cum you are going to lick up every sticky drop!

Mean Sister
I want you to cum in your hand, every drop, and you're going to immediately lift it to your face and put in on your tongue.

You're Not Going To Think, You're Not Going To Hesitate
We know the thought of lapping up your own load may disgust you, but after our powerful hip-notyc tricks, you will be lapping it up without hesitation, and you will enjoy it.

HypnErotica: Cum Training
Little do you know that Mina is a master at seduction, manipulation, and mind control, and soon you will convinced of being her cum eating dumpster whore!

Manipulated To Crave Cum
If you want our permission to cum you need to prove your submission by lapping up all of your slimy cum.

Trained to eat your own cum
As a last ditch effort to be rid of your fantasies about eating cum, you've visited a therapist.

Therapeutic Load
Have you always been interested in cum eating but can’t bring yourself to do it?

Just a Taste