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You're having the most amazing, kinky dream about your hot sister, Rene. Its so intense, you've slept-walked into her room and are jerking at her bedside.

Brother's Fantasy
We've been neighbors for years and used to be friends growing up.

Advice From A Friendly Neighbor
You think its hot to give yourself a big fat facial for your Princess?

Facial First
It's all based upon groundbreaking scientific evidence of a new-found superfood!

Dietician Knows Best
Are you my little pet? My little puppy d0g? You love when I humiliate you and treat you like a dirty doggie!

Humiliated Doggie
I know you love the ones where a hot girl takes a shot to the face. Well, today is your lucky day! you are gonna give the *biggest* facial you've ever seen!

Your Dream Cum True!
My serum is potent, irreversible, and I just slipped it into that coffee of yours!

Turning My Professor into a Cum Craving Whore