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So, you like to eat your cum from time to time? Gets you excited to swallow your load for me doesn’t it, my little cum eating junkie?

Down the Hatch

Added: 1/8/18
You want to stroke for your Princess? Dirty slave. You don't deserve to.

Slurp It Down
Rene and I know that the more you jerk off to us, the more you want your limits pushed. We love knowing how kinky and dirty you are willing to get just to please us, and knowing you were able to please your superior Goddesses makes you cum just that much harder.

 Cum Guzzling Pet
Time to bust out your pretty pink sissy panties and put them on for Princess! I know you love wearing girly underwear, it turns you on and makes you feel so sexy, doesn't it?

Cream Your Sissy Panties
You're addicted to eating your own cum. And its fitting because a loser like you shouldn't be allowed to cum without cleaning it up anyway. You're such a naughty, dirty boy, you can't help but buy this clip, stroke off, and splooge that hot cum right into your own mouth!

Addicted to CEI
Open your mouth and be a dirty stroke slut, a kinky cum whore for me. Cum all over that face, be my sweet little faggot boy.

Sweet, Seductive CEI Coaxing, Encouraging Your Faggot Desires
Today I'm combining several kinky elements of forced bi fun to give you that gay jerk off experience you crave!

A Little Forced Bi Fun