» » Job Interview Sperm Test

Job Interview Sperm Test

You are applying for a job and today is your interview day. When you arrive at the office I let you know that we no longer give urine test. We now give sperm tests and you are required to give one right now. There's only one problem....i have no private rooms left for you to jerk off in so you will have to sit in the seat in front of me and jerk off. I can tell that you are nervous but that you really want this job. Lucky for you, I was not wearing any panties on that day and I let you peek up my skirt. We don't have much time before you get called in for your interview so to make you cum faster....I verbally encourage you along with teasing you with my private parts...he he Make sure you work up a big load, cause I WILL need this entire cup filled before you can even be considered for this position. Stroke it good!

Job Interview Sperm Test
Job Interview Sperm Test



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