» » Goddess Nikki Kit - Best Orgasm of your Life CEI JOI

Goddess Nikki Kit - Best Orgasm of your Life CEI JOI

Goddess Nikki Kit - Best Orgasm of your Life CEI JOI
Goddess Nikki Kit - Best Orgasm of your Life CEI JOI

This is a devious JOI where I trick you into doing deliciously degrading things for Me. I convince you I’ll let you have the best orgasm of your life if you jump through some hoops and ruin your first orgasm for Me. You must obey My every instruction to have the best and most intense orgasm, and I want to make you work for it. After your ruined orgasm, you’ll put on your chastity cage with your cum still on your tongue. Then you’ll use your vibrator and follow My instructions to have the best orgasm while locked in chastity. Of course, you must be locked in chastity for this trick to work properly. There’s no way the trick is just getting you to humiliate yourself and walk away while you’re covered in cum and locked in chastity. Why would I want to do that?
Published Jun 11, 2023
Cum Eating Instructions, Ruined Orgasms
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