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Forced to Swallow CEI

So, basically, we met at a club (so you're wearing club like attire) and we get back to my place, you start to dance a bit, teasing me a little then slowly start to take off your clothes, (down to your bra and thong) You ask that I remove my clothes as well, when you then realize I'm sitting there limp as noodle. You ask me what's wrong, and get wicked on me and start calling me names, telling me I can't please women, wasted your time, etc.. etc...to which you then notice that I start getting really aroused. That in turn makes you laugh and then you realize I'm a some sort of humiliation addicted junkie who only gets aroused when being teased and such. At that point, you tell me to drop to my knees (please lower the cam) and that all I'm good for is to worship your body. You continue to tease me and tell me how thankful you are for not fully undressing since there is no way you will ever get naked for a loser like myself. You force me to jerk my cock in front of you while you continue to tease and laugh and then tell me that if i really want to cum it will be only on your terms. You make me lift my legs over my head and tell me that I will have to eat my own cum for wasting your time when you could have been getting fucked by a REAL man! Please give me a count down at the end and as you reach 1 demand that I swallow my cum!

Forced to Swallow CEI
Forced to Swallow CEI

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