» » Condom Slurp JOI

Condom Slurp JOI

Cheating girlfriend Amai has come home from her hot date with a nice treat for you loser. She's brought you home a delicious condom full of real man cum for you to swallow. Amai LOVES to humiliate you with the cum from her studs but today is going to be extra emasculating for you cucky. She explains that before you get to slurp up the alpha cumload she's brought home for you, you're gonna have to jerk your loser stick all over your own face. Amai wants you to cover your own face with your beta-goo before she allows you to mix it with the real-man load and lick the whole cumpool up. You're going to get the filth in your hair, eyes and throat while she watches and laughs at you. Then you're going to be forced to chug down the disgusting cum mix like a good little cuckold wimp!

Condom Slurp JOI
Condom Slurp JOI



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