I love making you eat cum. I’ve eaten it myself and know how disgusting it is.

Drip Feeding You
We don't care if you haven't ate your cum before, we don't care if you're scared you WILL eat it.

An orgasmic dinner
Eating your own cum is of second nature to you now.

Addicted to Cum Eating
Se corre en mi mano y se lo hago comer si no quiere que todos se enteren de lo que ha hecho.

CEI A Mi Hermano Con Chantaje
We make it so easy for a humiliation junkie like you to pull the trigger and swallow your load!

Bratty & Humiliating CEI
You love disgusting cum tasks from me.

 Disgusting Weak Bitch for Bunny
You push your thumbs under my chin, slowly and moving them back and down my throat as you me to swallow the condom.

Biggest Loser Beat Down
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