We're going to make our own mayo today!

Play Video Cockmeat Sandwich
In the end you instruct me to shoot my load into my face and eat it.

Sissy Tom
...no cuck training is complete without tasting a little, salty spunk.

Cock Worship Cuckold Training

Added: 6/23/19
You should know by now that all good boys clean up their messes

Fake Pussy Humiliation
That's what virgin bitches have to do. Gobble it all up.

CEI Virgin for Life

Added: 7/3/19
Your task is to shoot that bitch back and guzzle your own cum!

Bottoms Up

Added: 7/1/19
You've come to me, begging to be allowed an orgasm. You know the rules; you can cum anytime you want. You just have to clean up your nasty mess with your mouth afterwards.

Spunk Face
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