Now get on that floor and lick it up, do it! That's it bitch.

Let's Play A Little Game Shall We
Let HOT Poison talk you through your tasks and complete them all for my amusement.

Beginners Humiliatrix Tasks!
My little load eater....What a hungry little cum slut you are. Is that tummy growling for cummies?

My Little Load Eater

Added: 10/4/19
... that's right bitch lick up every last drop.

Goddess Alexia's Strap on Whore
I’d love to see start your day off with your face completely glazed with his jizz till it hardened.

Twirl, Curtsy And Kneel
Hi little chicken. I know you are too scared to eat cum but I'm gonna make you do it for you.

Slurp It Off Your Face
All for my amusement! Lets see if you can handle this one! Level 2!

Humiliatrix Tasks LEVEL 2
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