I love making boys eat their cum but I know you don't really *want* to do it.

The Aim Game CEI

Added: 1/9/21
Okay, go ahead, eat that cum for me like the stupid little cum slut you are.

Pathetic Cum Eater
If you get it wrong, you have to humiliate yourself by spraying your jizz all over your face.

Game: Guess My Panties
You like to watch other guys fuck me and then eat their cum.

Locked While I Go Out
I brought back a little present from my encounter - a condom chock full of warm black-man's cum!

Cum Slurping Cuck
A pussy rejected loser will happily guzzle down a load of his own filthy cum.

Vile Cum Eating Instructions
You are an unrepentant lustful sinner.

 Cum and Be DAMNED |

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