» » Taste your Precum for Me

Taste your Precum for Me

The fact that you enjoy watching many cum eating instructions videos, and you have not given it a try, it has not much sense. But, it does not mean you have to eat it all, however, if you have never tried, this is the right time. What you seem to have is not enough courage to make it happen, hence I will persuade you through My sexy tease to rub your cock, not jerk it, edge, and once you see a precum drop on your cock, I want you to taste that drop. Build up that courage, because you will end up loving it!
In this video I am wearing a black blouse, a blue velvet mini skirt, black high heels, and a pair of black Marilyn faux holds up pantyhose tights.
This video includes: CEI, masturbation encouragement, sensual domination, legs, pantyhose, upskirt, miniskirt, high heels.

Taste your Precum for Me
Taste your Precum for Me

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