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Humiliating Self Facial

Not only once but twice.You want to know why you’re here, what you’re going to do for Me, how you are going to impress Me, don’t you? Why would I allow a penis pumping fool to sit back and enjoy his stoke, jerking off to all of Me might you ask? Well let’s just say if I am going to allow you to jerk off to Me you are going to jerk off My way.Curious now..? With that raging boner I’ve just created I’d like to begin. You can’t help but do all I say, especially when I am commanding you to stroke. Pleasure for humiliation? Are you ready to fall so low? To impress your mistress at all costs. A bubbling, warm, thick cum flow straight to your face from your own cock is a small price to pay for jerking in My presence. Now assume the position. Own cock to own face. Self facial. MMM sounds so arousing, now doesn’t it? But one blow to the face isn’t ever enough. I demand two orgasms. Thick pulsating squirts to your pathetic face. And because I am such a generous mistress I allow you to parade your prize around, showing off all the cum dripping from the tip of your nose and eyelashes into your eagerly awaiting mouth.

Humiliating Self Facial
Humiliating Self Facial


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