» » A Summer With My Cousin

A Summer With My Cousin

The script goes as followed: I was thinking a roleplay scenario where you play my cousin visiting for the summer and you have to stay in my room because the house is so small. The first night there you take a shower and come back to the room to change, I am in there and you ask me to leave but I refuse and say I'll "close my eyes". Then it skips ahead to us going to bed, I only have a full-size bed so we're kinda close and while trying to go to drift off you keep feeling something poke you in the back. After several minutes of poking, you finally reach back to move whatever it is and realize it is my boner. At this point you are so frustrated with me from earlier that night and decide it is my turn to be humiliated, so you turn around and tell me that if I do not do whatever you tell me to do you'll tell our parents about earlier and that you were poking her in the back with your cock. You then go on to give me jerk off instructions at the end of which you tell me I have to eat my cum or else. After that, you laugh and say how fun a summer this is going to turn out to be.

A Summer With My Cousin
A Summer With My Cousin

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