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A Dangerous Game

**Have 6 shot glasses of semen chilled in the refrigerator before beginning**
Are you ready to play a game? Its going to be me - with my seductive powers and twisted mind - against your cock. Its intense, and I know Im going to win. Well start with a long edging session. Ill tease you with my body as I bring your cock to the very brink of orgasm again and again. Once youre overwhelmed with horniness and desire - well, thats when the fun starts.
Well play six rounds. If you win a round, you move on; if I win, youll have a painful ruined orgasm and shoot down a load of your very own jizz juice. But heres the catch: Im going to remove one layer of clothing after each round, making it harder and harder for you to control your cock, until Im completely naked. Ill tease you with my body, running my hands over my legs, squeezing my round breasts, thrusting my fingers deep inside myself while I enjoy your frustrated agony. You can expect me to be more and more creative with my cum guzzling instructions as I become increasingly aroused with each round - you know just how much it turns me on to ruin your orgasm and make you swallow loads for me!
Theres a twist ending to this video. Itll shock you, but youll be too aroused by the end to even think about resisting.

A Dangerous Game
A Dangerous Game

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