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Sissy Chrissy CEI

I've turned Chris into Chrissy--a sissy jerk off loser for me. Chrissy used to have a girlfriend, until he decided jerking to me was better than fucking her pussy. He used to be pretty normal... and now he's a hand humping, panty wearing, cum eating WEAK little freak! Come watch me ridicule him and gloat in his demise and play along as I force him to jerk and cum for me, and clean up his mess after!
Includes CEI, femdom pov, jerk off instructions, humiliation, cum eating instructions, JOI, brat princess, female domination, cock tease, sensual domination.

Sissy Chrissy CEI
Sissy Chrissy CEI


Tags: Princess Rene, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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