» » Cum Eating Instruction – Doctor Prescribes Daily Cum Eating

Cum Eating Instruction – Doctor Prescribes Daily Cum Eating

I understand you’re interested in treatment for depression. Well as a doctor I’m concerned about the side effects for anti-depressants, so I’ve found that the best prescription for this is something a bit more natural. I’m glad you’re so open to trying my alternatives, I’m sure you’ll find it’s easy to do. Simply masturbate at least once per day and ingest your semen. I know it sounds strange to eat your own semen, but I’ll guide you through the first session to make sure you’ve got the hang of it. So please, pull down your pants so we can begin…
Contains: Cum Eating Instructions, Masturbation Instruction

Cum Eating Instruction – Doctor Prescribes Daily Cum Eating
Cum Eating Instruction – Doctor Prescribes Daily Cum Eating


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