» » Miss Ruby Grey - Mouthful (CEI)

Miss Ruby Grey - Mouthful (CEI)

Eating your cum has become part of your masturbation routine by now. It’s an easier clean up, and you love the taste of humiliation. Prepare for an empty mind and a drippy dick before I allow you to swallow your load for Me. Looking into my eyes as I stroke you through the screen turns your brain to mush. I love mesmerizing you into my cum guzzling little slut. I love the way you look when your mind is full of static and your balls are full of cum, ready to be drained into your mouth. This time, I want you to keep the cum inside your mouth and swallow when I say so. Sacrifice your dignity for Me. You won’t be able to resist when you see my facial expressions as I play with myself beneath the screen.
Cum Countdown, Cum Eating Instructions
Ass Worship, CEI, CEI Encouragement, Cum Task, Eye Fetish, Face Fetish, FemDom POV, Mesmerize, Tease Goddess, Tit Worship,

Miss Ruby Grey - Mouthful (CEI)
Miss Ruby Grey - Mouthful (CEI)




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