» » Cum Eating Instructions: 3 saved loads + 1 fresh

Cum Eating Instructions: 3 saved loads + 1 fresh

*custom clip* My little cum eating addicted named Adam requested that I make this clip for him. To start, I have him (and the rest of you viewers) save up 3 loads of cum before he can even watch this clip. Then once the clip starts I instruct him to get those loads of cum and follow along. I tease him relentlessly in My tight yoga pants and tank top. I even throw in a little ass play to entice him to get me to take off My shirt. With each of my demands I remove another article of clothing. Obviously Adam (and the rest of you) will obey these commands, you wouldnt want to upset Me, now would you? Of course not. So follow along as I tease you into eating 3 loads of cum, and then one fresh load. Oh and I show you exactly the position I want you in when you shoot that fresh load straight into that mouth of yours. I hope youre hungry!
Topics include: JOI, Masturbation Instruction, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Ass Play, Tease & Denial, panty fetish, and more.

Cum Eating Instructions: 3 saved loads + 1 fresh
Cum Eating Instructions: 3 saved loads + 1 fresh

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Tags: Princess Lyne, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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