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Monday to Sunday

Heres a special clip for all of you cum eating fags that live alone. Its time to turn your unproductive wanking into a productive masturbation ritual. Get a clear glass jar like this one, and get that cock out and start jerking to my instruction. Your gona dribble your filthy cum into that jar every day for me. Every time you feel the urge to splurge i want you to aim in this jar. And after you deposit your filthy little puddle of cum the jar goes back into the fridge to keep fresh FOR SUNDAY! Sunday is your fun day. Sunday is the day you get to drink your weekly wank profit for me. Sunday is the day you get to taste the shame of what you really are, A CUM EATING FAGGOT WHO FOLLOWS HIS PRINCESSES ORDERS! Get to it slut and fill that jar with a weeks worth of your filth for me!

Monday to Sunday
Monday to Sunday



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