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She has an annual tradition, All Swallows Eve. Where she tries to make you cum in a certain amount of time if she does you eat your own cum. Nothing turns her on more than to watch a man jerk his cock in his hand until he busts and slurps it up.

LauraKing - All Swallows Eve Devilish CEI Game
You know your role in My life by now, don't you, beta boy? You know that I deserve to live a life of luxury while you live a life of sacrifice. This is how nature intended it. Alpha life vs beta life. You know its true, so there's no reason to fight it...and besides, a part of you loves eating your own cum for Me.

Goddess Evelyn - Brunch For Me, Cum For You
It’s the end of UnHoly Week at the Church of Satanatrix and we will conclude it with our annual Easter Sunday Service. The focus of today’s service is subjugation through sin.

Lady Vi - UnHoly Week – Easter Sunday Subjugation
As funny as it is seeing you cover your own face with cum, I want you to perfect getting it straight into your mouth whenever I tell you to. I want you to learn how to get it straight from cock to mouth, so you get the biggest possible mouthful in one go. You’ll get the full effect of a load of cum hitting the back of your throat.

Miss Alika White - Perfect Your Aim for Me
You see the title and you know exactly what to do. Yep, that's right, it's time to do what you do best: EAT. YOUR. OWN. CUM.

Princess Lexie - Eat Your Load
Do you like eating pussy? Because personally, I LOVE eating cum! I love tasting the flavour of the one I'm with, and savouring their unique taste. Sometimes it can be so sweet and delicious!

HarleyLaVey - Savour the Flavour (Cumplay)
I know how eager you are to lap up every last drop of your own seed. How you start to drool whenever you get horny because you know being horny leads to jerking, jerking leads to cumming.

Goddess Aquaria - Humiliated CEI
StepMom's glad to see you're jerking off like a healthy boy, just as she taught you. But honey, you're doing it so frequently, I can't keep up with all the mess! Don't worry, this is a teaching moment and you're not in trouble.

SashaCurves - Swallow Your Cum With StepMom
Cum Eating Instructions, Pussy Worship

Your black cock is so small. Ugh why do i always meet guys with small cocks? I dont really want to fuck you but i feel sorry for you. I suck your tiny cock then ride you but you cum too quickly. Ffs. I make you eat your own cum! Lots of SPH.

Isla White - Your tiny black cock - SPH + CEI
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