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Hahaha, you desperately want someone to fuck you this Valentine's Day, don't you? Too bad no one's interested in your tiny little shrimp dick, you loser. I almost feel bad for you, but watching you get hard while I humiliate you is so cringe that I can't feel any sympathy. Jerk it in front of me while I mock your minuscule cock and laugh at you. Then eat your cum for my amusement.

TheTinyFeetTreat - SPH and CEI Instead of a Valentine's Day Date
Put this clip on one side of your computer screen. Find yourself a big, gay, bukkake compilation clip and then put that on the other side of your screen. Move your eyes from one video to the other, as I instruct you. Take in my suggestions and allow yourself to be **** and mindfucked. Time to turn you into a little faggot. Grab your ****, bitch boy.

Goddess Jessica - You Love Cum!
It's not just anybody that I let into my world. Good pets need guidance, good pets need to learn how to follow commands, and good pets learn how to please. Good pets need training. And I am GREAT at Training...

Harley LaVey - Training my Pet
At this point you've lost count of how many loads you've eaten over time. Something that started as mere curiosity has turned into one of your biggest fetishes. So now it's time to take it a step further. The CEI task that challenges even the most advanced cum eaters. Toothbrushes out, cocks up, time to show Me what a freak you are.

Versona - Brush Your Teeth With Your Load
We both know you're a pathetic little loser. We also both know you'll do whatever I say. Losers like you can't ever get with girls like me... or girls in general that is. That's why I'm going to train you to become a slutty like cum sucker. I'm going to have you jerk off that pathetic thing you call a dick, as you prepare yourself to lick off every last drop of cum, like the little gay boy you're going to become. Practice makes perfect. Have to practice before your next step of becoming my little slut.

Miss Luscious -  Slutty Cum Sucker
This video was a custom request and the name Fred is used. This begins a series of trying to convince Fred he IS GOING TO EAT his cum for me. He is dating my step-twin, so of course I use that against him.

Goddess Brooke - Cheater Cheater Cum Eater
This vid explains your place in society. I go over different versions of cucks and explain CEI.

LilRedVelvet - How To Accept Your Small Dick
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