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You make me cum into my own hand and eat my own cum, then clean the cum off you with my tongue.

Bukkake Cuck
I love making boys eat their cum but I know you don't really *want* to do it.

The Aim Game CEI

Added: 1/9/21
Okay, go ahead, eat that cum for me like the stupid little cum slut you are.

Pathetic Cum Eater
Lick the drips from my cock as you worship!

 Ass eating instructions
You're having trouble getting to rest? Well, I know what helps me before bed- a warm glass of milk and some ASMR.

Milk Before Bed
If you get it wrong, you have to humiliate yourself by spraying your jizz all over your face.

Game: Guess My Panties
You don't want this alpha to impregnate your girlfriend, do you??

Cuck and Eat my Alpha's Creampie
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