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She wants you to eat your cum for her

Study Buddy CEI

Added: 9/9/19
Now get on that floor and lick it up, do it! That's it bitch.

Let's Play A Little Game Shall We
You will say the mantras that I tell you to repeat after me. And after you cum you will lick it all up.

Drink and Aroma Play for Your Goddess

Added: 9/26/19
So you have stumbled into the world of eating your own cum but you aren't 100% committed to it yet...

Learning To Like It CEI
Swallow your pride along with that cum, faggot.

Swallow Your Pride, Fag
Let HOT Poison talk you through your tasks and complete them all for my amusement.

Beginners Humiliatrix Tasks!
In fact, by the end of your training, you will only be allowed to cum when you are swallowing that big, fat load I make you save up.

Trained to Swallow
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