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Are you ready to become a good little cumlover for me? Ready or not, I'm going to turn you into one today. I have a way with cum cravers, a special touch. I know just how to make you go through with it.

Desperate For It CEI
I've told you time and time again that I know what you cum eating instruction fetishists are like. You snap up the CEI clips, with every intention that 'today will be the day' you finally go through with it.

CEI Foreplay
You 're used to eating your own cum now. You 're a cum -guzzling veteran. It 's not new or scary for you anymore. You 're no longer nervous. And that bores me.

Give Yourself a Facial
Cum Countdown for you to cum in your mouth

Eat Your Cum CEI
Earn the right to eat your cum!

Earn Your Cum!
...when it's time to cum is my sweet pussy. But only if you eat all of the cum that's in your hand.

Edging for me JOI with CEI
Today you'll eat your cum for me.

Cum Countdown and CEI
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