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You see that condom full of jizz? Youre taking that to work with you today. Thats your lunch.

Jizz Packed Lunch
You'd love to be allowed to cum for me wouldn't you? You'd love to blow out a loser-load while I verbally berate you and laugh at you so guess what - that's exactly what you're going to get.

Bratty Ruined Orgasm CEI
I can't wait to fuck my boyfriend later, then instruct you to eat your cum

Ruin And Eat Your Cum For Cuckoldress
So far you've resisted by efforts to get you to eat your cum. I been mean. I've been sweet. I've been cruel. I've been seductive. However, you just can't quite seem to push yourself for me. It's time to initiate plan B.

Shots And A Cum Shot
You're obsessed with your cock, you're addicted to jerking off and you're in love with your own cum.

Self Absorbed CEI
Most CEI clips implicitly involve an element of choice. A countdown, or maybe a few, culminating in one big moment of cum slut truth, where you have to either take the plunge or duck out. This makes it all too easy to resist at the final second. But this clip isn't like most CEI clips.

Lose Control CEI

Added: 5/26/19
... i make you eat your cum.

Swallow Your Cum For Me CEI
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