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You are Gili's LITTLE cum boy today. It is your DUTY to eat it. ALL of it. My cum eating BITCH!

Halloween HEX - TOY boy! Fast CUM - JOI CEI

Added: 10/21/18
I will have both your dignity and cash…and you’ll LET ME. Because I’m that one special Woman; you’ll happily reduce yourself to a pathetic drooling senseless mess on the floor for - for ME.

Dignity & Cash Collector

Added: 10/6/18
Custom for Will, a virgin closet fag who fantasizes about sucking cock and eating cum.

Practice Sucking Dick for Princess
Normally, I don't fuck on the first date, however I still want to make you cum.

First Date JOI & CEI
She fucks your mind so hard you remember nothing else but when you wake up there is definite taste of CUM in your MOUTH.

Therapeutic Humiliation

Added: 9/21/18
Hopefully just one pump of cum that does nothing to relieve your blue balls but still is enough to eat!

Edge Whoops Eat
What do grown men do when they get bored and have no chance in life of pleasing a woman other than eat their own cum for a female\'s amusement?

CEI Encouragement
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