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You want to shoot it straight toward your face, because I say you want to.

Entertain Me, Cum Slut

Added: 9/9/19
I have the power to make your cum taste delicious, to turn the act of CUM eating into a devotional, deeply pleasurable act....

CEI Just The Way you Like It

Added: 5/16/19
You're going to show me how desperate you are to please me. Do whatever I ask of you.


Added: 9/1/19
It’s time to turn you into the little cumslut you were destined to be.

CEI - It's Time To Get Serious
You are a sick little jerkoff. You want me to force you to eat your cum

The Loser Circle of Life

Added: 8/5/19
We know you’ll be desperate to spill your load after being instructed to jerk your cock in front of us, and you’ll be willing to agree to our condition for doing so. You’ll lick up every single last drop of your cum for us

 Shiny, Sniffy, Bratty CEI

Added: 8/25/19
You have always been my favourite slut. Which is why tonight, I am going to teach you a new party trick.

Good Sluts Gargle
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