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If you make it through this entire video I will let you see me naked, but you have to stroke the entire time and you cant look away. You know I am going to make it really hard for you right?

Bratty Princess Lisa - Premie Test
I’ve been in the shower and you’ve been tasked with organizing my panties. It doesn’t surprise me that your little, virgin willy is hard. How cute! You’re such a pathetic wanker for Goddess Eva. Don’t leak any precum on my silk panties. Lick it up!

Eva de Vil - My Cum Eating Virgin (Topless)
Welcome back subby. It's day 4 of eating your cum. By now you should know what to expect. Jerk, obey, and get ready to swallow. My training has begun to kick in, exactly the way it was meant to. You can feel my control and power sink into your soul a little deeper with every clip you watch, with every load you swallow at my command.

MavenMay - Cumslut Training Day 4
I want you to cum in your hand and lick it up for me..

NicoleBelle - CEI - Cum in your hand and lick it up
With all the different ways there are to make you eat your own cum… I figured I might as well make a five part series with my top five favorite ways to make you eat it.

Goddess Amanda - Five Different CEI's Part 5
You want this sooo badly don't you... so weak for being cucked by me. You want to look at me in my pretty eyes while another man is filling me up and pounding me. You're craving to hear your princess moaning in your face from getting a huge cock deep in my tiny princess slit. You’re leaking already, don’t leave it to go to waste, You must eat every drop of your cum Including your pre-cum while its nice and fresh!

Sabina Rouge - Addicted Cuck CEI
Alright you little pervert, it's time for step 2 in your training to becoming my little slutty cum sucker. I'm going to form you into the perfect little cum slut, step by step.. and this is your next task.

MissLuscious - Slutty Cum sucker part 2
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