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You think you’ve tried it all when it comes to CEI, don’t you? You think some have made you eat your come in every single way and you really need a change.

Your 1000th CEI Clip: Day 1-7 Interactive
You’ve wanted to eat your cum for a while now.

Sniff, Ruin and Eat your Load

Added: 10/24/19
I count you down into a ruined orgasm and encourage you to eat up. …good boy…

30 Day Deep Dive

Added: 11/22/19
Now that I have you by the balls you're never going to cum again without eating it.

Blackmailed into CEI
You’ve never convinced yourself that cum will actually taste good?

Turning You Into A Cum Eater

Added: 11/15/19
I lay out explicit instructions during this 30 minute session, and if this doesn’t work… well then, I think you’re just a lost cause!

Milking Clinic for Compulsive Masturbation Therapy
I've done my job as your sex therapist, as you cum into your own mouth.

Sex Therapist Makes You Eat Your Cum
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