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Repeat it, "I'm going to lick my own cum."

Edging You
I'd like to have a Masturbation instruction with edging and cei. Please start the clip with telling me to have a shot glass ready.

Take Shots Of Cum From Ruined Orgasms
Go and get a plate and place it on your desk in front of you. Any cum that leaks from your tiny dicklet will have to be licked off that plate.

Edge And Ruin For Me
I’ve got a little dare , I know you can’t resist jerking that cock hard for me ...

Secret Cum Gobbler
You so badly want to be a little cum eating slut for Me, don't you? The idea makes your cock SO fucking hard, you just can't stop thinking about how good it would feel to obey Me and swallow your own jizz.

CEI Starter Pack

Added: 4/9/19
This is going to be a very fun clip for all of you who love the taste of your own cum. Or if you just have a deep desire to eat your own cum but you are scared to try it.

Savor The Taste Of Your Cum
... stroke it, jerk it, eat it all for my perfect goddess toes.

JOI and CEI to my Feet by Venus Venerous
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