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Freshly showered, you come into the room ready to play for the next hour with Ellie! Most men ask for BJs or sex but you? You're different, aren't you? Ellie is very relieved to find out you're submissive!

Mistress Macy and Goddess Lora are here to fill you up with a healthy serving of humiliation and your very own cum in this CEI clip. The two girls take very clear and genuine delight in tearing you down, mocking you for their own amusement as they laugh at what a soft and sensitive little loser you are.

Lora Cross - Macy and Lora - Cum Eating Instructions
I love you so much!! I want to give you what you always wanted. I know you want to taste your warm load... So I will help you with my red lingerie, my sweet voice, my hot body and all the tenderness that is in me. I wanna treat you like the prince you are.

KristenWylde - Sweet dream girl gives you CEI
You've been such an obedient chastity slut....I've decided to reward you by unlocking that chastity cage and allowing you to jerk it for Me...on one condition.
You get to eat your cum, slut.

jadelussuria - Chastity Cumslut's Free Pass
You've been begging your new girlfriend Ellie for a blowjob but she's unsure. She wants to but she has a rule...anything you want her to do, you gotta do it first. Want a blowjob? You give her one first! Want anal?

So many of you tell Me you wish you could swallow your cum, you want to swallow your cum but you just can’t do it. This is for you. Even if you’re a well practised cum guzzler this is just what you want. I switch your conscious mind off so you remember nothing...you can do nothing but OBEY.

Goddess Madam Violet - It's easy When *You Are BLANK*
You are such a good boy.. I make you eat your own cum, I tease you about it during the whole video.. then I make you flip your legs up and I do a cumcountdown and I make you cum inside your own mouth..

NicoleBelle - A good boy eats his own cum
I know how desperate you are to touch Me, to know the suppleness of My skin and the warmth of My embrace. Only a lucky few have had the honor, and you have yet to earn that. Still, I want you to taste the intensity of your desire.

Master Ruby Bridget - Taste your Desperation
I want you to cum in your hand and lick it up for me.. (while bouncing my tits)

NicoleBelle - CEI - Cum in your hand and lick it up
I love that you're such a dirty, kinky, nasty boy for me! Jerking your cock however and whenever I tell you to. Whether I instructing you to goon and edge for hours, or compelling you to cum over and over into a plate and make you lick up EVERY. LAST. DROP!

Goddess Aquaria - 3 Courses of Cum
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