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Your own sperm you will test today.

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Oh and when I have allowed you to finish theres one more thing I want you to eat your own cum.

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I have another fun task for you my dear little toilet slave. You see, I love being treated like the Goddess that I am, so I want to give you another responsibility. I want to tease you with my stinky farts that work up into a nice dump. I want you there for each one to sniff in that glorious stink, and then I want you to take your hand and clean up every speck from my asshole.

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Oui je vais te vider les couilles, et je vais les vider directement sur ta gueule de salope ! D'ailleurs, tu vas me faire le plaisir d'ouvrir la bouche, je veux que tu puisses te délecter de ton jus visqueux et salé... Personne ne viendra le nettoyer pour toi hein, aucune petite bombe ne se mettra à genoux en ouvrant la bouche pour recevoir ta semence dégoutante : ça c'est pour les vrais hommes, dans les films pornos que tu mates désespérément. Non.

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Why were you waiting up for me? I told you I was going to be home late from work. Were you just being a dutiful husband? Or were you hoping to hear all the details about what happened tonight. Because I'm sure you've already guessed, but it wasn't just any old work project that kept me at work late tonight. Remember my boss? That tall, handsome, well built alpha man? Well, he's been the latest in the string of alphas I've let fuck me.

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