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I caught you peeking in my window, and now you have to do me a favor and eat your cum.

Neighbor makes you eat your cum
'Cum in my mouth. I want your cum', dammit give it to me now.’

Cock and Cum Addiction Part 2
Your cum has lots of protein and vitamins in it, so mommy is going to help you get your cum out of your cock and in to your mouth.

Eat Your Vitamins For Mommy CEI

Added: 8/11/19
I think you’re ready to make love to me and eat up all the creamy rewards.

I Know I Can Work You Up to Wanting My CreamPie

Added: 8/22/19
You have always been my favourite slut. Which is why tonight, I am going to teach you a new party trick.

Good Sluts Gargle
If you're good she might give you a countdown until you blow that giant load and make you lick up your mess.

Natalie in Latex

Added: 7/18/19