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I always get what I want and what I want is for you to lick up your cum.

Impress Me CEI JOI
...her saying you have to do what she says to keep your job.

She continues to masturbate for you and demands you swallow her thick load as she releases on the floor.

Black Mini Dress
Teacher won't tell anyone. you are already thinking about those balls filling with cum for Me.

Sensual Mesmerizing CEI and JOE for Teacher
Look at you… stroking it in front of your mom, wearing your own mother’s lingerie… and you’re so hard.

Do You Really Want to Fuck Your Mother?

Added: 4/24/18
I want you to eat your cum for seven whole days. That's right, disgusting warm seed spilling into your mouth every day for the next week.

A Week of Eating Your Own Cum
If you want to cum, you've got to eat your own filthy boy juice afterwards. Good boys always clean up their messes.

Cum Eating Humiliation