» » Scarlett Belle - Self Facial Seduction

Scarlett Belle - Self Facial Seduction

Scarlett Belle - Self Facial Seduction
Scarlett Belle - Self Facial Seduction

Have you been thinking about cumming on your face, but can't quite pull the trigger? The idea of covering your face in cum turns you on, but you still haven't fully gone through with it. Well I'm here today to give you that little extra push to finally give yourself the giant facial you crave!
I love using my body to tease you and seduce you into doing what I want. And what I want is to see your face completely covered in cum! It's one of my favorite ways to drain dirty boys like you. Once my bra comes off I'm sure you won't be able to resist following my instructions!
I'll tell you exactly when and how to give yourself a huge self facial. Ready to finally live out your kinky fantasy?
Cum Eating Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction-JOI
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