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A Faceful Of Cum

Boys are always asking girls to get on their knees and suck them off. They seem to think that we get off on it. What you don't understand that getting a face full of cum isn't hot. It's just nasty, filthy and degrading. I bet you like to get your cock blown, don't you? Well, I think it's time you learned what it's like from the girls point of view. So I'm going to seduce you into jerking your cock, working you up slowly until your nothing but a needy little slut. Then, I'm going to make you spurt your load all over your dirty little face. I bet you'll be keeping this clip in mind the next time you ask for a cock sucking, won't you?
Cum Eating Instruction, JOI, Self-Facial, Tease and Denial, Femdom POV, Forced Cum Eating Humiliation

A Faceful Of Cum
A Faceful Of Cum


Tags: Miss Noel Knight, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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