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Eat Cum In Chastity

How much of a mind-fuck would it be to be force-fed other mens cum while your own cock is locked in chastity, permanently denied and unable to create any of the slimy filth being poured down your throat. Just think about it for a moment loser. You're never allowed to cum - I've taken that basic male priviledge away from you. You don't get to cum any more. But here you are - pinned down by a hot girl as I cover your faggot face with the cum of other men. They get to cum - they cum whenever they like. They get to cum so much I can afford to waste it by pouring it all over your face. This must be so hard to take huh loser? Your right to cum has been taken from you but you have to swallow all this cum from other guys - that really must suck! A caged cock and a belly full of cum. Haha - look at your little locked up cock twitch every time I empty another load into your mouth - I guess because you don't get to cum anymore, you have to see this humiliating experience as some sort of substitute. Swallowing cumloads from other men is the closest you get to enjoying your own orgasm. It's so pathetic! Maybe I'll get some guys to come over and jerk off over your locked up cock so you get to feel their thick loads all over your denied, limp dick.
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Eat Cum In Chastity
Eat Cum In Chastity

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