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Special CEI Task

You love to eat your cum for me. You jerk off exactly how I instruct you to, and you eat up every drop of your salty load, because I want you to. I love cum eating sluts like you, and making you eat it brings me great satisfaction. I typically have you jerk your load into the palm of your hand and lap it up, attempt to give yourself a facial, or drink it out of a shot glass. Not today. Today, we are going to do something different. Something that will leave a lasting mark on your mind. Relax, and follow my jerk off instructions as I tease and lightly humiliate you for being such an eager cum slut. You will be given a cum countdown, and of course, you will eat your load for me, in a way you have likely never tried before. I hope you are hungry, cum guzzler!
Added: 7/16/20

Special CEI Task
Special CEI Task



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