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Cum Facial Humiliation JOI & CEI

We are in college and we’re hanging out doing homework. I of course am procrastinating so I decide to look up some porn to pass the time, when I accidentally come across something SUPER fuckin WEIRD!!!! I see some dude in a weird ass LOSER position, flipped on his back jerking into his mouth. I’m sorry but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?!? That is DISGUSTING. I can’t believe I just saw that!!!! So nasty wow I am APPALLED. But even weirder… WHY DO YOU GET A BONER UPON HEARING WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME!?!?!? Ummm this is getting hella icky. You’re actually… CURIOUS about this? EW!!! DUDE. Wow, just when I thought I knew you… you surprise me with this!?!? Gross! But being the good girlfriend I am, I don’t want you to be blue balled or anything so I decide to help you explore this fetish. I begin veto jerk you off and then help you into this stupid ass position… trying to contain my laughter the entire time…. SORRY I CAN’T HELP IT! You look SO ridiculous! LMAO. Anyway we jerk you off and I tell you to open your mouth and everything…. You come up messy and satisfied. I come up laughing and mortified. Am I into it? YES or NO!?!?!? Guess you’re gonna have to buy this vid to find out!
Added: 12/13/20
Price: $20.39 USD

Cum Facial Humiliation JOI & CEI
Cum Facial Humiliation JOI & CEI




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