» » Blackmail-Fantasy: The Sissy Husband

Blackmail-Fantasy: The Sissy Husband

As soon as your wife leaves, a rush of excitement and horniness takes over your body. You immediately dive into your sissy-wear when you see that the car has left. Your poor wife has no idea that her husband is slipping into a little thong, pantyhose, fake tits, a wig, make-up and a slutty dress. Your wife has no idea that you refer to your asshole as an ass pussy; or that you refer to your dick as a clitty. You are to follow all of my instructions or she will find out about your secret life. Grind balls deep on a dildo for me, eat your sissy juice for me. The thought of your wife walking in on you sitting on a cock with panties around your ankles makes you twitch! I can exp0se you at any moment- keep that in mind.
Added: 5/8/21
Price: $20.39 USD

Blackmail-Fantasy: The Sissy Husband
Blackmail-Fantasy: The Sissy Husband

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