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Cumslut Game

It’s game time, cumsluts!
Assume the position. You’re getting a big ruined load sprayed all over your face and into your mouth. The only question is when. That's up to chance. See this deck I’m holding? The cards will decide how you stroke and when you meet your cum eating fate.
You’ll edge in the cumslut position, wondering with each card I pull, is this the moment of truth? Am I about to be ruined and facial-ed by my own gooey cum? I'll be wondering the same thing. The deck isn't rigged. This is a game of surprise for both of us.
**But it would be a mistake to trust me completely. I've already misled you here. When I said "a ruined load"? That's a lie to lure in the hesitant cumsluts. You're in for two, and I might just make you play with the first as you stroke up the second.
Or maybe that's another lie to lure you in another step. Maybe I'll decide on a whim to push your cum eating limits even further...but don't worry about that. All you have to do is open your mouth and accept your fate.**
Ready. Set. Press play! The cumslut games begins NOW.
Published Jan 15, 2022
Cum Eating Instructions, JOI Games
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Cumslut Game
Cumslut Game




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