» » Talia Tate - Cum Twice, Swallow Twice

Talia Tate - Cum Twice, Swallow Twice

I love breaking boys and introducing them to the art of cum eating. Whether you’re a newb or veteran you can follow My instructions on stroking, spurting, and swallowing. I want you to make sure you consume every last drop, and I even give you different options on how you can swallow it. Whatever way you choose, you absolutely will swallow down those jizzy loads for Me.
Cum Eating Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction-JOI
Brunette, CEI, Cleavage, Curvy, FemDom, FemDom POV, Slave Training,

Talia Tate - Cum Twice, Swallow Twice
Talia Tate - Cum Twice, Swallow Twice




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