» » Princess Ellie Idol - You Love Paying For CEI Videos, Your Purchase History Doesn't Lie

Princess Ellie Idol - You Love Paying For CEI Videos, Your Purchase History Doesn't Lie

Let's be honest. You secretly love being told to eat your cum. You pretend you don't, but you do. You obviously can't stop watching my CEI videos where I instruct you to slurp it down. In fact, you pay for them! LOL! You pay me to tell you to eat it. So come on, be honest, you love it when I tell you to jerk your dick, to cream into your palm or directly into your mouth. Because if you just did it on your own, you'd be too embarrassed, too shy. But when someone tells you to do it, or commands you to do it, like I do, you do it. It's what you secretly wanted.

Your purchase history isn't so secret, is it? You love being teased and made to eat it. I mean you did buy this clip. You can pretend all you want but I know the true you. A filthy little cum eater. LOL! You love to pay me to make you slurp it down lol. Yes you do. So start jerking your cock. Pump for me. I know you've already been edging it for hours, lol, you like to do that before we even begin. You just love playing with yourself. And you love playing with me because I make you do the one thing you can't stop doing. Stop lying to yourself, do you understand? Just admit it, admit that you love it. I want to hear it while you're jerking that cock, preparing that big load. Tell me you love eating your cum. Be fucking honest with me. I already know how much time and money you've spent on me just to tell you to eat it. Haven't you?

You've given me so much money to make you swallow it down. Pump it, pump it to my tits. Make that load really big for me. I want you to eat a massive load for me. Edge that cock, but don't go over. Just hold yourself on the edge for a little while. Feel it twitching and throbbing in your hand. It just needs to be touched because someone's hungry for their own cum. But I want to build it up even more. I'm going to do some tease and denial jerk off instructions for me. I'm going to have you jerking and stopping over and over and over again lol.

Build that cum load for me. You're going to eat it, aren't you? Yes, you are. Let me make it even more enticing for you, I want you to edge to my perfect round ass. Watch it move as you jerk it, my dirty little cum eating slut. Edge for my ass. I know you're getting so horny and hungry now. I want you to cum on your screen right on my ass cheeks, do you understand? Then you're going to slurp it off, it'll be like you're licking it right off of my ass lol. You'd love that, wouldn't you?

Edge that cock, get yourself close, as I count you down... Cum... coat that screen with cum and eat it. Eat it because you paid me for this experience. You pay women to tell you to eat it. So eat it all up. Lick it off me and your screen. C'mon on lick it up, my cum hungry slut. Lick, lick, lick lol. Lick it. You are a dirty little cum eater, and I know it. And I know I'm going to see you again soon because you just can't stop spending money on me to tell you to eat it. In all different kinds of ways and outfits, you just love how I tell you to eat it and you can't stay away for long, can you? LOL!
Published Aug 18, 2022
Cum Eating Instructions, Verbal Humiliation
Addiction Training, Brat Girls, CEI, CEI Encouragement, FemDom POV, Financial Domination, Jerk Off Encouragement, Masturbation Instruction, Tease and Denial,

Princess Ellie Idol - You Love Paying For CEI Videos, Your Purchase History Doesn't Lie
Princess Ellie Idol - You Love Paying For CEI Videos, Your Purchase History Doesn't Lie




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