» » Conditioning Your Brain To Be Aroused By The Taste Of Cum

Conditioning Your Brain To Be Aroused By The Taste Of Cum

Hi loser, pick your cock up an start stroking, I mean why waste any time, why pretend like youre not a complete jerk puppet. And jerk puppets are so pathetic and they get treated like the filth that they are. So jerk it fast because I want you to cum really fast. Youre a lucky loser, today Im going to make you cum twice. So get right to the edge as fast as you possibly can. And while youre beating away, looking like the jerkaholic moron that you are, let me tell you how this is going to work. Today youre going to eat your cum for me, but youre not just going to eat it, no, thats for guys who are into cum eating, you deserve nothing more than straight up humiliation. So I want you to catch that first load in the palm of your hand and you are going to scoop it all into your mouth with your tongue, youre going to slurp it all up. But youre not going to eat it right away or swallow it. No, I wouldnt allow you that pleasure. Youre going to hold it right in that tasty little mouth of yours until you cum for a second time. Youre going to hold it in your mouth while I verbally berate you. Because for a freak like you, verbal humiliation isnt enough, you need to feel your humiliation as well, and youre going to feel it with that cum in your mouth. You need to pay the price for being a jerkaholic loser who craves humiliation. And the price is the taste of your own disgusting cum, saturated in your mouth while you jerk again. And this is just going to recondition you further. You see the more you pump with cum in your mouth, the more your brain is going to become aroused by the taste of your own cum. And then eventually you wont ever be able to cum without eating it and that will really fuck up your relationships, wont it? Cmon loser, jerk that cock with your disgusting load in your mouth, taste the humiliation, retrain your brain. Youre nothing more than a humiliation junkie. You can only swallow it when you cum again. Youre such an idiot, do you know how much I hate you? I mean Id have to hate you to torture you like this. Youre just a fucked up little freak. You need this loser. You need complete humiliation in order to cum. Youre so fucked up that you bought this. Thats so sad. But youre so turned on, sitting there jerking with your own cum in your mouth. Soon youre going to be completely conditioned to associate the feeling of orgasm with the taste of cum trickling down your throat.

Conditioning Your Brain To Be Aroused By The Taste Of Cum
Conditioning Your Brain To Be Aroused By The Taste Of Cum


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